About David Whitefield Jones
Media Strategist, Consultant and Producer

”I love what I do. I have spent my life producing video and film projects for television, corporations and the private market. Nothing has satisfied me more than helping an individual or a family that has been harmed or lost a loved one due to a negligent, greedy and unrepentant corporation.”
- David Jones

David has spent thirty years creating programs intended to effect, educate and entertain audiences around the world. His broadcast and educational work has been Emmy nominated and has received top awards from the New York Film & Video Festival, National Education Film & Video Festival, Council for International Non-theatrical Productions, Washington D.C., Houston International Film Festival, the Audio Visual Communications Association in Los Angeles, and the International Film & Television Festival in New York. His feature film work has earned him top honors from the Santa Fe International Film Festival and a standing room only crowd as an official selection at the Moscow International Film Festival.

David graduated from Southern Methodist University in with a BFA degree in communications. After working for five years with WFAA television in Dallas, he began independently writing, shooting and directing commercial, educational, promotional, documentary, and dramatic programs for ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, ESPN, LIFETIME, NIPPON Television - Tokyo, MaFilm - Budapest and many others. David is also proud to have worked on three educational series created for PBS. David’s work has taken him to more than twenty countries including China in May of ’89, to document the student protests in Beijing. PEOPLE MAGAZINE called his documentary feature on Singapore, “a fascinating portrait of the city”.

Since 1988, David’s efforts have included interactive CD-ROM and DVD production because of its effectiveness as a communications tool. During that time, David worked in pioneering the interactive format. Even though interactive programming was in its infancy then, some of David’s early programs were approved as “more effective than classroom training”, by the Minerals Management Service in Washington, DC.

In 1996, David established VisualWorks to produce “high impact” interactive programs for clients who demanded effective media, capable of changing or affecting viewer behaviors. It was during that time that he began working with various legal firms as well. David’s story telling skills that were honed in the entertainment and education industries proved invaluable as his work helped to settle cases and avoid expensive court trials.

On the corporate side, David has supplied companies like Alcatel USA, Fujitsu Network Communications, Atlantic Richfield Company, GTE, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Texas Instruments, Analysts International Corp, ENSCO, Offshore Logistics, Flowserve, CompUSA, NetMass, Cellstar, Bristow, and Input/Output with marketing and training programs. In addition to traditional media, David began working with computer programmers because of the computer’s strength as a communications tool. David’s strong background in effective communications efforts has been instrumental in developing ground up custom solutions that pair complex program delivery systems with educational and marketing media.

David chose to focus on settlement support when he realized that the connections with the families he worked and their attorneys with were more meaningful than any he had made within the corporate, education and entertainment industries. In the six years since he began focusing on settlement media, David developed unique tools and a unique approach to fees in which he would charge only if his work benefited the families that he worked for. David is currently the owner of VisualWorks.