Some classic approaches, and some you probably have never seen.
VisualWorks specializes in media presentations for plaintiff's attorneys and has years of experience in helping to shape disparate case facts into unique powerhouse presentations.

Settlement Presentations (Click here for an example)
A powerful and persuasive way to present your ADR claim that effectively interlaces expert witness testimony surrounding the facts and liability with a compelling and emotional look of the client’s damages and loss. Help the opposition to understand quickly the full impact your case would have on a jury. The primary audience is insurance adjusters, defendants, “decision makers” and attorneys. By introducing the viewer to the private life and history of the plaintiff, video settlement presentations increase your chances of settling, and significantly raise monetary awards.

Day in the Life Documentaries (Click here for an example)
There is no more profound way in which to demonstrate the plaintiff's physical injury and actual damages than a “Day in the Life Documentary”. The daily activities of your client(s) are documented to portray to a jury or adjustor the severity and extent of the damages or loss. When you need to preserve and present pain, suffering, and mental anguish, a professional documentary delivers a strong impact.

Investigations & Exposés for Liability (Click here for an example)
Wether it's hidden camera work, a search for witnesses, or simply putting two and two together and doing the work to flesh out what happened, we can help. We can work alone or with your investigator. We are not licensed private investigators - our background is investigative journalism and we'll do our best to put together an informative piece that exposes the defendant's liability.

Mock News Coverage (Click here for an example)
If the threat of bad publicity can play a role in persuading a more reasonable out of court settlement, then a mock news story should be considered. Let an adjuster or company representative see just what the press will do with the story. Include “man on the street” opinion polls. If news like this gets out, it’s only a matter of time before the media circus begins, authorities join in with fines and penalties, and customers are threatening a boycott. In the right circumstances, mock news stories, created by professionals with a news background, are a powerful tool.

Computer Generated 3D Animation & Graphics (Click here for an example)
The clarity of 3D animation is unparalleled as a communicative tool under the right circumstances. This kind of production allows you to share with a jury or adjuster what would be impossible to show in any other way. Animation lends itself well to plane and car crashes as well as product malfunctions. All graphics can be treated as demonstrative or evidence.

Re-enactments (Click here for an example)
Actors that match the description of your client paired with locations that accurately depict the scene of your accident, move through the actions to recreate the exact events that led to your client’s damages or loss. Close ups, slow motion, and special effects are edited together resulting in a very powerful exhibit that can increase the damages earned by your client as a jury or an adjuster actually relive the trauma.