Nursing home abuse case

In a case that began as a finger amputation at a nursing home, but ended with an elderly woman’s death, VisualWorks thoroughly examined a two foot tall stack of medical records, conducted numerous interviews, and through a thorough examination, developed the injury and eventual death case into a much bigger picture of abuse and neglect, including severe dehydration and allowing the woman to fall a staggering 29 times.

Nurses notes from the nursing home were cross checked against the plan of care, the liquid and nutrient intake records, interviews with witnesses and emergency medical records from the hospitals the woman was sent to after being found in the floor or in renal failure. We were able to establish and demonstrate that the plan of care never changed for this resident in 1.5 years and that though she was fall prone, she was never moved closer to a nurses station where her alarms could be heard during that 1.5 years. The nursing home that initially denied any liability provided the family with a six figure settlement without the necessity of filing a lawsuit.
Video viewed be seen by interested plaintiff attorneys by request only.