Child backed-over by Ford Land Rover
Attorney Jeffrey Bowersox relates the challenges of the case.

VisualWorks joined a case in progress where a little girl had been backed over in an apartment parking lot by a resident who was devastated that she ran over the girl but said there was no way to have seen her form the automobile in question. We began by researching rearward blind zone details designed into the Land Rover that contributed to its dismal back-over safety record, and the permanent brain injury to the little girl.

We also conducted research to present a number of viable design alternatives, both high-tech and low-tech, that were existing and well known to engineers and designers at the time of the automobiles manufacture. These alternatives would not have demanded a body redesign, but would have been simply applied add-ons for improving the safety performance of the vehicle with investments ranging from $5 to $100 dollars per automobile. Video can be viewed by interested plaintiff attorneys by request only.