Child's death due to 911 error

VisualWorks helped build a strong case for gross negligence against one of the world’s largest telecos. The attorney on the case found that there was a 17 minute gap between the call for help via the 911 system and the arrival at the home where the baby was strangulating. We came on board to help prove that the telco involved who had to provide 911 ANI/ALI database support was not only responsible for the death due to causing the misdirection of EMS, but that they knew about the potential for harm and had done nothing to avoid injury to customers.

VisualWorks located a database specialist, an ex-employee of the telecom, who was able to reveal how the telco updated billing databases to protect profit but not the critical 911 ANI/ALI databases they were required to maintain for the public safety. We interviewed an employee from another city that was served by the same Telco who presented us with a stack of bad database records that were all similar and potentially harmful errors that the Telco knew existed. From this information and more, we assisted the attorney in developing a very strong case for gross negligence, the only way the Telco could be held liable. While the negligence section contianed an interactive section providing clips of witness statements stating the Telco behavior rose to gross negligence, another feature was presenting the that same bahavior as a Mock News program seen above. The Telco settled with the family for an undisclosed 7 figure amount without our client needing to file suit. Video viewed be seen by interested plaintiff attorneys by request only.