When defense council & adjusters feel nervous, we know we've succeeded.

VisualWorks is an award-winning video production company, specializing in highly persuasive and emotionally effective settlement presentations. We understand that insurance adjusters and defense attorneys like to feel that they've seen it all. That's comfortable for them. An experienced opponent will have seen many kinds of deaths and injuries and will feel he or she has the tools to take it all on.

When we work with our plaintiff attorney clients and their clients, our job is to make the defense team sit up and take notice. Transport them to unfamiliar territory. Make 'em sweat a little. The defense team needs to be reminded that the injured party is an irreplaceable human being, flesh and blood, and not a statistic. Our job is to powerfully convey that the plaintiff's story of loss is not just tragic, but will cause a jury to become angry. Angry enough to send the defendant a message.

Telling a powerful story well requires a
lifetime of experience just like you’ll find with VisualWorks. We pride ourselves in our history of presenting award-winning network news stories, exposes and in-depth documentaries. Principal media strategist David W. Jones has worked around the world, producing documentaries on everything from the Beijing Tianamen Square protests of 1989, to touching stories about aging with dignity. The best documentary videos produced for settlement or trial convey the story of innocent lives before and after the tragedy, highlighting the loss, but will also tell of the circumstances and mechanism of the death or injury and just how negligent and perhaps even premeditated an act it was. Because each story is different, doing this well takes experience, time, and research. Much of the work we do to understand our story is valuable to the attorney as well. We understand liability have not only provided our attorney clients with story “framing”, but with a great many valuable facts as well.

Our dramatic video presentations and unique approaches, including
"Mock News", a dramatized news program approach, and interactive gross negligence definitions, have been credited by attorneys with making a huge difference in the size of settlements. VisualWorks has helped attorneys achieve six and seven figure settlements without even filing a lawsuit. Our unique approach to fees can save our clients money. Ask us how.